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▼ What is the Kegelmaster?

The Kegelmaster is truly a "Miracle for Women"

The Genuine Kegelmaster for Women is the original Kegel Exerciser and continues to be the Doctor's Number one most recommended Kegel device. It is the most effective way to condition the muscles of the female pelvic floor and can restore youthful vaginal health, alleviate many of the most common female reproductive health issues and maximize the enjoyment of sexual intimacy for both partners.

▼ Can the Kegelmaster Improve My Enjoyment of Sex?

Yes! The Kegelmaster Can Improve Your Enjoyment of Sex

Better Sex for Women! Achieve More Frequent, Stronger, Longer Lasting and More Satisfying Total Body Orgasm.

Marie Claire® magazine chose the Kegelmaster as the Number One most effective tool for the enhancement of female sexual responsiveness and the increase in frequency, strength, duration and overall satisfaction of the female orgasm.

▼ Can't I just do Kegel Exercises without the Kegelmaster?

The Kegelmaster is the Most Effective Way to Condition the Female Pelvic Floor

A true Kegel exercise requires resistance. Without resistance you are just squeezing and accomplishing very little. There is no better way to provide targeted progressive resistance than with the Kegelmaster for women.

▼ Where can I get a Kegelmaster to Get Started Now?

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Success Stories

Teri Hatcher says Every Woman should have a Kegelmaster

"Every woman should have a Kegelmaster! Like many women, I didn't even know you needed to exercise your vagina, but apparently you do and the Kegelmaster is the best device to help you do it."
~Teri Hatcher

  Alisha Klass Beautiful Adult Movie Star

"Many women ask me questions about improving their sex lives. My number one suggestion to them is to 'Get the Kegelmaster!'
Anything that can help women enjoy sex like this is a great product."

~Alisha Klass

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For more information on the topic of vaginal pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse and other medical conditions associated with vaginal pain, bleeding and painful sexual intercourse click here; Reduce Pain During Sexual Intercourse and Vaginal Penetration ».

As with any medical device, If you have questions concerning your specific medical condition and whether or not the Kegelmaster may be right for you; You must first check with your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional prior to use.

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