Kegel Benwa Duotone Balls

How does one use Kegel Balls, BenWa Balls,Duotone Balls?

Most of the Kegel, Benwa or Duotone balls do not include instructions. Please use the guide here for a basic understanding of these devices and how they can contribute to your Kegel exercise regimen.

  • Ben wa balls are a simple and passive way to contribute to the strengthening of your vaginal pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.
  • Ben wa balls are designed to be inserted vaginally and invoke the reflexive tightening of the pubococcygeus (PC) Muscles to resist the tug of gravity.
  • The tightening and contraction of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles will increase their strength over time.
  • Ben wa balls are designed to be held intra-vaginally during normal daily activity for a period of time that could span a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Ben wa balls should not be inserted or held intra-vaginally if they cause any discomfort whatsoever.
  • Ben wa balls are not designed to be used simultaneously with any other intra-vaginal device, toy or exerciser including, but not limited to the Kegelmaster.

Note: Any and all information included on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional regarding the applicability of any information on this site with respect to your specific symptoms or medical conditions.

Vaginal pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse you should discuss this with your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional. You should not engage in sexual activity with or without a device that causes excessive vaginal pain or bleeding. Use of some vaginal products including Kegel exercisers, vibrators, vaginal stimulators and other vaginal toys may cause some spotting (vaginal bleeding) but should not cause excessive pain or excessive vaginal bleeding.

For more information on the topic of vaginal pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse and other medical conditions associated with vaginal pain, bleeding and painful sexual intercourse click here; Reduce Pain During Sexual Intercourse and Vaginal Penetration ».

As with any medical device, If you have questions concerning your specific medical condition and whether or not the Kegelmaster may be right for you; You must first check with your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional prior to use.

For other questions search Help or the Kegelmaster Knowledge Base.

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