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Kegelmaster Frequently Asked Questions



The Kegelmaster is the Original and Still the Number One Most Effective Kegel Exercise Device for Women

The Kegelmaster has been called a "Miracle for Women" and is the best, most proven and most effective Kegel exerciser available. The Kegelmaster makes Kegel Exercises simple, quick and even enjoyable…

Can't I just do the Kegel Exercise without the Kegelmaster?

You CANNOT perform a Kegel exercise without resistance, in fact Dr. Arnold Kegel's breakthrough idea was the incorporation of resistance. So without resistance you are just squeezing and accomplishing little. Imagine a body builder trying to build strong biceps by just squeezing his arms without ever lifting a weight. It would just be impossible!

A true Kegel exercise requires resistance, and there is not a more effective or more proven device for accomplishing this than the Kegelmaster for Women.

Can a Kegelmaster Significantly Improve My Sex Life and Actually Enhance My Vaginal Sexual Responsiveness?

Yes! The Kegel muscles are those muscles that produce the intense sexual pleasure during the female vaginal orgasm. Stronger, healthier kegel muscles provide for stronger, longer lasting, more intense and more satisfying female orgasm. Improved vaginal health will increase the frequency and ease of achieving orgasm and increase overall sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her male partner.

The Kegelmaster is one of the most effective, doctor recommended and proven devices to help you accomplish these goals.

What is the Kegelmaster?

The Kegelmaster is the most recommended, most proven and most effective dynamic progressive resistance Kegel exerciser of it's kind. The Kegelmaster was specifically designed to help a woman perform proper and effective Kegel exercises by applying adjustable targeted resistance against the muscles of the female pelvic floor.

The benefits from using the Kegelmaster and performing regular proper Kegel Exercises include relief from many common female pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence, pelvic and vaginal pain, sexual dysfunction. A strong and healthy pelvic floor can prevent the onset of bladder prolapse (cystocele), uterine prolapse or bowel prolapse (rectocele).

The Kegelmaster has 15 levels of resistance with a maximum of 4.5lbs of pressure required to close the unit. The Advanced Kegelmaster has 64 levels of resistance with a maximum of 9.5lbs of pressure required to close the unit.

What materials and chemicals are in the Kegelmaster? Does the Kegelmaster contain any toxic materials?

The Genuine Kegelmaster contains no known harmful, toxic or carcinogenic materials.

The Genuine Kegelmaster has been produced in the United States for nearly 20 years using only FDA approved materials in an FDA approved manufacturing facility. Kegelmaster, Inc. has had no reports or complaints of adverse or allergic reactions to the materials used in the Kegelmaster.

The medical grade ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) plastic core is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and does not contain phthalates, latex, BPA, DEHP or ANY known carcinogens or harmful chemicals.

Materials and Chemicals

  • Medical grade Non-toxic hypoallergenic ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) core
  • Phthalates free
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Latex free
  • Contains NO BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • Contains NO DEHP(di-ethylhexyl phthalate)
  • Standard springs are stainless steel
  • Advanced springs are stainless steel with zinc electroplating

How does the Kegelmaster Work?

How the Kegelmaster worksThe Kegelmaster applies targeted resistance against the muscles of the female pelvic floor.

The Kegelmaster is inserted into the vaginal opening about 3 to 4 inches but not beyond the flange.

The adjustment knob can be loosened to open the unit as much as is comfortable.

Using only the muscles of the pelvic floor, the muscles that encircle the vaginal opening a woman squeezes the unit closed and counts for 3 seconds then releases.

What is the difference between the Standard Kegelmaster and the Advanced Kegelmaster?

Both the original genuine Kegelmaster and the Advanced Kegelmaster come with the same Kegelmaster base core unit, four medical grade stainless steel springs, instructional DVD, booklet, urinary diary log, silken carrying case.

The four standard medical grade stainless steel springs will provide 15 distinct levels of resistance and a total maximum resistance of 4.5lbs of compression resistance. Where the Advanced Kegelmaster distinguishes itself is with the addition of 4 zinc-plated hardened springs. With the addition of these springs the Kegelmaster will now provide 64 distinct levels of intermediate resistance and up to a maximum of 9.5lbs total resistance.

The standard Kegelmaster provides sufficient resistance to restore the strength to the pelvic floor muscle and indeed many women never see the need to graduate to the Advanced Kegelmaster. However, there are two main advantages to starting out with the Advanced Kegelmaster:

  1. The additional springs provide for more intermediate levels of distinct resistance and can allow for faster progression to the higher settings.
  2. The maximum settings provide for additional strength and control many women find that the additional levels of resistance keep the exercises challenging and enjoyable and with the higher resistance levels there comes greater benefits.

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What if I am unable to close the Kegelmaster on a particular setting or the lowest setting?

As a beginner to Kegel Exercises you may find it difficult or even impossible to close the Kegelmaster unit using your vaginal muscles alone. If this situation occurs you should employ the technique of "Negative Resistance".

Negative resistance is a technique whereby you use your fingers to manually close the unit then assist with your fingers as you allow your vaginal muscles to resist as the unit opens. Continue to do negative resistance and shift more of the pressure from your fingers to your vaginal muscles. As the unit opens squeeze and count 1-2-3 (seconds) and then repeat.

At anytime if you find the resistance is too high on a particular level you should reduce the level of resistance or employ negative resistance until you are able to complete that level using your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles alone to close the unit.

What if the Kegelmaster does not open on a particular setting?

If the resistance setting is too low the Kegelmaster may not open once inserted. First ensure that the comfort adjust knob is not restricting the device from opening by unscrewing it a few turns. If the Kegelmaster still does not open, remove the device and increase the resistance by arranging the springs according to the Spring Resistance chart that accompanied your unit or click [Spring Settings]. Once you have increased the resistance settings, re-secure the comfort adjust knob and start slowly using the technique of "Negative Resistance".

Negative resistance is a technique whereby you use your fingers to manually close the unit then assist with your fingers as you allow your vaginal muscles to resist as the unit opens. Continue to do negative resistance and shift more of the pressure from your fingers to your vaginal muscles. As the unit opens squeeze and count 1-2-3 (seconds) and then repeat.

At anytime if you find the resistance is too high on a particular level you should reduce the level of resistance or employ negative resistance until you are able to complete that level using your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles alone to close the unit.

How Effective are Kegel Exercises in Treating Incontinence?

When performed correctly Kegel exercises with progressive resistance are extremely effective at managing incontinence and providing relief and prevention for other pelvic floor disorders including pelvic pain, bladder prolapse (cystocele), uterine prolapse or bowel prolapse (rectocele).

For more on the Kegelmaster and Incontinence [Click Here] »

Important Medical Restrictions pertaining to the Kegelmaster

When is it unsafe for a woman to use the Kegelmaster?

If you have any doubts or concerns you should discuss your specific medical situation with your doctor, gynecologist or other medical professional who is familiar with and qualified to make medical recommendations for your specific medical situation.

  • Women in their first trimester of pregnancy and new moms that are less than six weeks postpartum should not use the kegelmaster.
  • The device is designed to be safe for pregnant women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy, but always consult your physician prior to starting use.
  • Women who have had any genitourinary or pelvic surgery should also wait at least six weeks and consult with their physician before beginning use.
  • Women using inter-vaginal devices, such as a pessary or a diaphragm should not use the Kegelmaster.
  • The Kegelmaster is safe to use on your period but you should not use tampons while you are doing your kegelmaster exercises.
  • It is safe to use the Kegelmaster if you use an I.U.D. Some light spotting is common when first using this device, especially in menopausal and post-menopausal women.

View the Kegelmaster Medical Video [Click Here] »

How will I know The Kegelmaster is working?

You will know the Kegelmaster is working nearly immediately. When you are able to close the Kegelmaster using your vaginal muscles you will see the device close and feel your pelvic floor and pubococcygeus muscles working against the resistance of the unit.

Typically after a half dozen workout sessions, but as early as the first workout session sexual intercourse can begin to feel more pleasurable and stimulating. You may experience a feeling that your partner's penis is larger or has a more firm erection and your partner may experience a feeling of an increased vaginal pressure. You may experience a more intense orgasm and find that it easier for you to achieve orgasm.

You should begin to experience greater control over your bladder and urinary system. You may begin experiencing relief from stress incontinence or leaks.

If you suffer from pelvic organ prolapse you should consult with your doctor or gynecologist prior to starting an exercise regimen as other treatment may be necessary prior to starting any exercise program.

Why should all healthy women do Kegel Exercises?


  • The Kegel Exercise is the only known, proven non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solution to nearly all forms of Female Urinary Incontinence.
  • The collapse or failure of the Pelvic Floor is directly responsible for many common female reproductive health complications like incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction. All of these problems can be prevented with proper Kegel exercises.
  • Proper Kegel exercises can increase the intensity of the female orgasm as well as improve sexual pleasure for both intercourse partners.
  • Kegel exercises are often prescribed in preparation for vaginal child birthing and can prevent pelvic floor damage during vaginal child birth delivery as well as make child birthing easier and less painful.

Kegel Benwa Duotone Balls

How can a Woman use Kegel Balls, BenWa Balls or Duotone Balls to contribute to Kegel Exercise regimen?

It is typical for Kegel Balls, Benwa Balls or Duotone Balls to not include instructions. Please use the guide here for a basic understanding of these devices and how they can contribute to your Kegel exercise regimen.

  • Kegel balls are a simple and passive way to contribute to the strengthening of your vaginal pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.
  • Kegel balls are designed to be inserted vaginally and invoke the reflexive tightening of the pubococcygeus (PC) Muscles to resist the tug of gravity.
  • The reflexive reaction and tightening contraction of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles will increase the strength of these muscles over time.
  • Kegel balls are designed to be held intra-vaginally during normal daily activity for a period of time that could span a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Kegel balls should not be inserted or held intra-vaginally if they cause any discomfort whatsoever.
  • Kegel balls are not designed to be used simultaneously with any other intra-vaginal device, toy or exerciser including, but not limited to the Kegelmaster.

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Note: Any and all information included on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional regarding the applicability of any information on this site with respect to your specific symptoms or medical conditions.

Vaginal pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse you should discuss this with your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional. You should not engage in sexual activity with or without a device that causes excessive vaginal pain or bleeding. Use of some vaginal products including Kegel exercisers, vibrators, vaginal stimulators and other vaginal toys may cause some spotting (vaginal bleeding) but should not cause excessive pain or excessive vaginal bleeding.

For more information on the topic of vaginal pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse and other medical conditions associated with vaginal pain, bleeding and painful sexual intercourse click here; Reduce Pain During Sexual Intercourse and Vaginal Penetration ».

As with any medical device, If you have questions concerning your specific medical condition and whether or not the Kegelmaster may be right for you; You must first check with your doctor, physician, a gynecologist, uro-gynecologist or other medical professional prior to use.

For other questions search Help or the Kegelmaster Knowledge Base.

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